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Panadol: Puerto Rico Se Siente en Río
For the 2016 Olympics in far-away Brazil, Panadol tapped into the feelings of Home-Court advantage for the Puerto Rico team. A cry for victory and a first Gold Medal.
FirstBank: Tu Vida Bank
Advanced banking tools can empower and add value to our lives. FirstBank transformed itself into a close participant of its client’s lives.
FirstBank: Emociones
We want a bank that helps us make our dreams come true. FirstBank allows us to manifest our emotions as these dreams play out in real life.
Evertec: Aires de Pueblo
What goes on when the energy we put into our business is full of special and unique air? We all need an equally special and unique tool to help us manage our business.
Evertec: Agua de Yuca
What does it take to sell water? A cool idea and a phenomenal management tool with proven results.
Budweiser: Bud Plane to Lollapalooza
To get a seat in Budweiser’s private plane to Lollapalooza you had to love to party with Buds and Buddies. Pre-parties and engagement activations let you in! Non-stop entertainment guaranteed.
Budweiser: Bud Tour to FIFA South Africa
Waka – waka for real! A winning experience from start to finish for Budweiser. Through a digital activation, fans won a trip and those who stayed travelled with them.
MINI: Fun Drive
What do roller coasters and MINI Coopers have in common? We turned MINI Test-Drives into a MINI Fun Drive to find out. The smiles speak for themselves.
L’Oréal: Latina Hub
Beauty speaks all languages. When L’Oréal Paris USA started to speak Spanish and represent Latinas, its new website soared. A beauty knockout on all fronts.
Dasani: Refresh Station
Beautiful beaches. Tropical sun. Renewable energy. Our Dasani Refresh Station, which turns trash into energy for your phone’s battery, made a splash at local beaches. Check it out!
Dasani: Dale Refresh
Dasani’s refreshing campaign told people to be themselves and wake up everyday with a new attitude towards life.
Hospital del Niño: Christmas Stamps
Technology is changing the world everyday. We helped el Hospital del Niño redesign their fundraising system with a new way to send postcards. And we got the word out in a way that made headlines.
FirstMortgage: Living Room
When the living room suddenly becomes a soccer stadium, big changes are needed. FirstBank helped this family find a new home with a big backyard, and probably a goalpost.
FirstMortgage: Kitchen
Moving in together can be sweet, but expanding the house can be sweeter. FirstBank helped this couple find a balance between making cupcakes, and entertaining friends in a new home.
Bahía Beach: Housing Development
Who would like to live where they vacation? Here is the place. All senses guide you to the special place that is Bahía Beach.
Pillsbury: Cupcakes
Butter, eggs and Pillsbury flour used to be all you needed to bake. But how about all the garnishes for decorations? Now you can let Pillsbury help you celebrate!
Autogermana BMW: Electric Car
The future of transportation is right here. Right now. It’s not a game, nor a toy. But it gives for a pretty cool ad.
Autocentro Toyota: 30 ssTV
A brand that stands for superior Customer Experience rooted in trust.
Dasani: Let’s make the world thirsty of Puerto Rico
Social Media Activation for User Generated Content to let people know about Puerto Rico's hidden secrets: it's bodies of water.
AGM University: You believe
At AGM University, we help your goals come true. You believe, AGMU makes it happen.
UAGM Online: 30 ss TV
An education of the highest standards from wherever you are.