advertising for a digital life.

Advertising for a digital life.

We know how consumers share.

We know where consumers go.

We know how consumers behave.
A New Journey
The consumers' journey has expanded the communications model: from TV, radio and print, to web research, blogs, social networks, and product experience shares. The consumer is officially an expert.

Our Work

For the new expert consumer, PopuliCom is your consumer expert.

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A New Way to Sell

The path to a sale is completely new. And we know the way to go. Strategically. Creatively. Measurable.

Communications today is not about having a digital strategy. It’s about having a connection strategy in a digital world, with the right combination of Paid, Earned and Owned media.

Across platforms and gadgets, it has to tell a story and entertain. But please don't specify traditional or digital… it’s all advertising.
For the new expert consumer,

PopuliCom is your consumer expert.
Brand Strategy and Planning

Brand Planning plays an important role in creating a sensible and deeper understanding of human behavior.

Creative without strategy is just art!
Customer Journey Mapping

From an advertising stimulus to an actual purchase. Your customer journey is filled with new touchpoints that communications planning has to include.
Web and Mobile Development

Responsive design and development of sites, apps, and games.
Design and Multimedia

From a logo to packaging, from an infographic to a 3D animation
Web Presence Optimization – SEO

Ranking high with Google's 500+ algorithm components is a science and an art.
Content Strategy & Copywriting

Brands have to become publishers to be present in every touchpoint, with the appropriate message for that particular conversation
Search and Display: Paid Media Management

Presence is part of the competitive edge
Social Network Marketing

"Social media takes time and careful, strategic thought. It doesn't happen by accident."

- Brian E. Boyd Sr., Social Media for the Executive

"We have a lot to talk about."